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Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Skills Training Group

Dialectical Behavior Therapy was originally designed for chronically self-harming adult clients, and has been further developed to treat other co-occurring psychiatric illness such as Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and PTSD. Research has shown DBT successful in treating out-of-control behavior problems such as impulsivity, suicidal ideation & attempts, self-harm, eating disorders and substance abuse / addiction. DBT considers the client’s primary problem to be a combination of emotional vulnerability and an inability to regulate emotional responses. Ongoing “emotional dysregulation” negatively impacts a client’s functioning in personal relationships, to develop coping skills, to think clearly in stressful situations and hold on to a sense of self. The focus in DBT treatment is on “radical” acceptance of oneself as is, while at the same time learning behavioral skills specifically designed to help overcome emotional vulnerability, and to build a life worth living.

Groups are 24 weeks long and are being run on a "stand-alone" module format so if you miss the beginning of a new group, you can join in at the next module and make up the missed modules when the group restarts after a break.

DBT Skills Training Group for Adults--Starts March 6th

Monday Evenings, 6:00 -- 7:15. Screening interview/intake session required prior to group admission. Intake Session fee: $175, Weekly group fee $60, One-time materials fee: $40.  (This group may be covered by insurance under "group therapy" benefits.)

DBT Skills Training Group for Teens--Starts March 20th
Tuesday evenings from 6:00 -- 7:15 pm.  Screening interview/intake session required prior to group admission. Weekly group fee $20, One-time materials fee: $40.  (This group is led by a Master Student Intern and is not covered by insurance.)

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