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I hope that you will find this website informative, helpful AND that you can get a sense of what New Life Counseling Center can offer you and your family! My name is Donna Dunlap and as the founder of New Life Counseling Center, it is my mission to ensure that you receive excellent service from your first contact until your last.  You're welcome to call me with any questions and let's talk about how we can help you.  At that time I'll happily arrange a time for a FREE telephone screening during which time I'll learn a little about what brings you to counseling.  We can talk about which therapist would best suit your needs,  fees, available services, and insurance coverage.  

Now, a little about our services....

We offer individual, group, family & couples counseling in a comfortable, conveniently located office in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The therapy team at New Life Counseling Center shares a common goal: to help our clients to uncover their true potential so that they can lead healthy lives worth celebrating!  We have differing areas of expertise, and some overlap too. I'm very proud of the therapy team we have at New Life Counseling Center and look forward to helping match you with the right professional to assist you in your journey.

If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation, if you're "stuck" and don't know where to turn or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. Maybe you've decided it's time to make some changes in your life or in your marriage.  While we can't change difficult situations of the past, together we can work to help you make peace with the past and break its negative hold on your life. We can also work with you to help you better understand and resolve current challenges in your life.

You may find that your family, like many other families are starting to feel the strain of children or teens who are struggling with their growth and development, their peer group, school grades, their motivation or their move towards greater independence.  Growth and change are natural states but sometimes the struggle for growth can get off track and leave a family feeling frustrated, confused or concerned about where the current path may be leading their young one.  If you have concerns or just want to make sure that your child stays on track through the school year, let us help!

By using complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will identify behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a healthier, more fulfilling and meaningful life.  Then we'll help you build on your skills and strengths so you can move on to a New Life that more fully reflects your best vision for yourself! We offer faith-based Christian counseling to those who are interested and a safe place for you to express your concerns, whatever they may be. Our main concern is helping our clients achieve wellness and happiness. Our goal is to support you as you address the challenges we all face in a rapidly changing world and to ease the journey back to a place of wellness and stability.

I'm always amazed at the strength and courage that I see in New Life Counseling Center clients.  By simply taking the first steps to start counseling, most people begin to see immediate results. Whatever your level of need and whatever your direction, we would consider it a great honor to be a part of the experience of helping you to move closer to the New Life you have envisioned.  If you don't quite have a clear vision yet, that's OK.  The first step in your journey will be to share your story.  You and your therapist will get to know each other and establish a deep connection through which you can freely express your thoughts and feelings.  From that place of safety and trust, the vision will emerge.

Maybe your life is already on a pretty great path but there are changes you'd like to make so that your life will be the fullest and happiest life possible. Life Coaching or Executive Coaching can take you to the next level of awareness, accomplishment, satisfaction and joy.  In coaching our focus isn't on mental health concerns but on goals and plans that will enrich your life experience, contribute to greater joy and heightened success.  Don't wait another day: A New Life awaits you!

Please call or email me today for a FREE screening or to learn about therapy options.  
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