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Meet Bennett

Hello, my name is Bennett Harris. I'm a Physician Assistant at New Life Counseling Center, a private group practice in Winston Salem, NC, offering individual, group, couples and family counseling, and serving a wide variety of clients from diverse backgrounds. Our therapy offices are conveniently located, have plenty of free parking and are fully handicapped accessible. The professional building has many different types of businesses so your confidentiality and anonymity is enhanced. I see patients through a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.

I'm a Psychiatric Physician Associate (PA-C) with New Life Counseling Center.  I'm also a licensed psychotherapist with over a decade of training and experience using trauma-informed interventions.   My foundational understanding of the therapeutic process allows me to work seamlessly with the talented clinicians in the practice.  The holistic, integrative approach that I provide includes a careful, detailed assessment of your clinical and psychiatric needs, a comprehensive treatment plan and coordinated collaboration with your individual counselor.    My unique training as both a medical provider and therapist allows me to work with your counselor at New Life Counseling Center to provide wrap-around services that support physical, spiritual and emotional needs.  If your therapist is at another practice, I’ll work just as hard to coordinate care with them.

Providing medication management for psychiatric support is an art.  Because no two patients are the same, my approach to prescribing pharmacologic support varies from person to person.  In order to treat the patient in an individualized manner, I utilize medications as well as naturalistic approaches (i.e., supplements, herbs, lifestyle augmentation). 

My goal as a psychiatric provider is to provide a judicious amount of support in order to facilitate the movement that my patients seek.  My training at Wingate University’s PA program provided me with well-rounded clinical and didactic experiences.  My specialty focus in psychiatry allowed me to passionately pursue further training in the area of medicine I love most.  While in training as a PA, I had the privilege to experience a number of clinical settings.  As a result, my experience includes working with patients experiencing a broad range of concerns including, among a few, eating disorders, substance abuse/addictions, child and adult outpatient psychiatric needs, as well as supporting severely and persistently mentally ill clients.  No matter what you’re facing, I am here to support and facilitate you in your healing journey. 



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